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BASE Risers

BASE specific risers must do several things. They must be strong and durable enough for use in a single parachute system. They must allow for easy toggle release under high loads and exhibit no tendency for premature release. They must be simple to configure and reliable to use with or without the "line release modification". We have been building and selling our BASE risers for 12 years with no reported problems. Our brake/toggle stow design was adapted from Tandem Skydiving risers and has proven to consistently meet the requirements of an effective BASE specific system. Other manufacturers have followed suit and introduced similar systems.


  * Mil Spec. T/VIII webbing (1 23/32").
  * Mini rings for compatibility and convenient canopy testing.
  * Integrity design eliminates grommet hole.
  * Full line stow pouch.
  * Elastic toggle hoods.
  * Simple and effective brake stow system reduces forces at the toggle while creating a very secure junction.
  * Specially made toggles help prevent steering line hang-ups



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