The Perigee Pro represents a new direction in single parachute container systems. Its genesis was a response to the realization that contemporary fixed object jumping was beginning to exceed the parameters that Velcro-closed BASE rigs are designed to operate within. Now, for over a decade, the Perigee Pro 2-pin closing system has proven to be the most reliable and versatile container system on earth. The Perigee Pro was the first modern BASE rig to be offered with dual-pin closure and has now evolved into the most refined and sought-after rig in the world.

The primary advantage of a pin-closed BASE rig is a more secure closure. Velcro-closed containers can open prematurely in certain instances, for example: If the Velcro is worn beyond its usable life; If the container is overstuffed or if the shrivel flap is exposed to direct, high-speed airflow. Long freefall delays, wingsuit jumps and aerobatic manuevers are other situations where a Velcro-closed rig may open prematurely.

This is not to say that a properly maintained and packed Velcro closed rig cannot be used at terminal or for aerobatics, simply that the potential for premature openings is higher.

The Perigee Pro addresses these concerns by offering a secure dual-pin closure. The system is designed to operate equally well at high or low speeds and can be safely used from any jumpable object. However, the inherent design features of the dual-pin rig require the user to exert greater care when packing and closing their container.

Each Perigee Pro is hand-built in our Auburn, California workshop by an FAA certified Master Rigger, and every container system is 100% custom built to your specifications with the best materials available.

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