Versatility, Simplicity, Performance

The Seven is the result of over a decade of BASE canopy research and development by Asylum’s team of test jumpers in collaboration with the world-renowned manufacturer, Gin Gliders, Inc. Since the time of release(2009), we have made changes to our production line, shifing all manufacturing to our USA locations, providing for a complete domestic choice.

Versatility and proven reliability:
are the core elements of the Seven.   A balanced line-plan and chord-wise line arrangement allow for clean openings with rapid pressurization, and at the same time incredible slow-speed performance and backward flight. Backward flight and stability in stall are two of the most important functions of a BASE canopy, for difficult landing areas and for object avoidance. You will be amazed at the simplicity of flying the Seven slowly, and backwards, with rear risers or with brakes – no other existing canopy performs as well.

Simplicity of design:
The profile of the Seven was designed for the optimum balance of opening performance and glide performance, in a wide range of conditions. From slider down to terminal, the Seven’s openings are crisp and immediate, without the need for vents.

Landing: The Seven flares well from any control position - whether you are already in deep brakes ‘sinking it in’, or at max glide, you will find that the Seven flares powerfully and consistently, even in downwind situations. 

Volume: The Seven is thoroughly reinforced, without excess bulk. On average, the Seven packs with 5-10% less volume than comparable BASE canopies making it easier to fit into your container. Perfectly aligned packing tabs add to its overall ease of use.

Durability: The Seven is made from the highest quality, most durable, and most advanced fabric available today. CSR Braids provides the best dacron and spectra suspension lines available. Absolutely no compromises were made when choosing material for the Seven, and we are confident that your canopy will perform for hundreds of jumps in every possible condition.

Design: With the aid of CAD, the Seven is unparelled with precise dimensioning.  Laser cut panels ensure the consistency and uniformity providing for smooth effecient manufacturing.  The wing assembly is separate from the finishing process allowing for an increased level of detail and multiple complete inspections.

Current sizes available:(sq. ft.) 300, 280, 260, 240, 220 200.   Both larger and smaller sizes, as well as custom, available upon request.



From customers in the field:

"The Seven is a whole new type of BASE canopy that brings the word versatile into base. It is great for technical landing areas with a deep braked approach, it sinks like an elevator and still has plenty left for a soft landing. On the other end of the spectrum the Seven feels like a fast sky diving canopy as aggressive inputs give very aggressive outputs, if you have the room for it you can really pick up a lot of speed and have a blast on your way down. The Seven will make you excited to pack as the material falls into place and stays where you put it, no canopy I have ever used packs as small and clean. The deployment defines consistency as it very quickly yet smoothly opens on heading time and time again. All in all the Seven is an exhilarating and confidence inspiring BASE canopy perfect for any jump, don't leave home with out it!"

- Jesse Hall


"This morning I had the chance to jump the SEVEN, WOW! You guys did a nice job with this parachute. It was easy to pack, opened nicely, and I really liked how it handled in full stall / parachutal situation, really stable...  I can't wait to jump it again and play with the flat turns and tail slide. Probably tonight or in the morning."

- Carson Klein

"I have never jumped such a predictable and consistent canopy. I actually never thought that I would have such a maniacal preference for one canopy over another because I’ve jumped Trolls, Black Jacks, Aces, Mojos and Daggers, and none of them stood out for me. Small differences between them for sure, but none stood out like the Seven. After about 25 jumps on this canopy I can say that the Seven is noticeably better in every important aspect.

It is a dream to pack – the ease of packing is an energy saving and quality of life improving bonus that I cannot imagine living without now. I would never want to go back to packing thick and slimy fabric again.

The openings are the most consistent I have ever experienced. Wingsuiting with other canopies, I felt like most of the time ‘anything can happen’. Obviously there are never guarantees for anything in BASE, but the Seven has delivered 100% on heading openings at the same deceleration rate (I haven’t been slammed yet) on every single jump.

Setting up approach, and landing this canopy is far easier than any other I have flown. The deep-stall stability is mind blowing, and the flare is incredible – easy on the knees. Again, it’s another benefit that I can’t imagine not having in my BASE canopy. Basically, at this point, I don’t want to jump anything else."

- Matt Gerdes