Light Weight, Low Volume, High Strength… and yes, slider down versatility.

The Feather is constructed from a blend of Ultra-Light, high-tech Porcher PN9 for the upper and lower surfaces, and PN1 for the center cell upper surface and stabilizers. Light weight/low volume Dacron 400/600lb blended lines are standard or Spectra 725lb. Jumpers who want to carry less weight on their backs, wear a low profile container for Wingsuit Jumps, or profit from the increased ease of packing a lightweight canopy, will appreciate the features of the Feather.

With a packing volume of only 65-70% of the Seven, the Feather will fit into sleek low profile containers used by wingsuit and tracking jumpers. The reduced weight also makes it the ideal solution for jumpers who want a lighter pack for the approach and return hikes / climbs to and from alpine objects.

Full strength upper center cell and stabilizers ensure long term durability of the Feather, meaning that although the wing is light and slightly less abraision resistant than the Seven, it will last for hundreds of jumps – and is even suitable for the occaisonal ‘slider down’ jump with dacron lines installed .

The Feather has all of the design features of the Seven, with the added benefit of ultra-light material,  and ultra-low-volume packing.

Current sizes available are 200, 220, 240, 260, and 280. Color availability is white or silver(dependent on supply availability) for light weight and any of our stock colors for center cell and stabilizers.