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Asylum Designs’ mission is to provide the highest quality BASE Jumping Equipment, BASE Training, and Customer Service to jumpers world-wide. Our focus is on equipment innovation, safety, and support.

With over 30+ years of parachute, rigging, and BASE jumping experience, Asylum Designs is a world leader in BASE equipment manufacturing. Asylum Designs is a company specifically dedicated to the manufacture, sale, and support of BASE equipment and training.

FAA Master Rigger, Martin Tilley, has personally traveled the world participating in events, productions and specialized projects developing and nurturing relationships that will last a lifetime. Asylum’s well trained staff exercises the attention to detail that is necessary to produce equipment and support jumpers at a world renowned standard of excellence.

BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is one of the most dangerous voluntary decisions that a human can make. It is not intended for the casual participant. Without a desire to remain current and knowledgeable in respect to the task at hand, the results from your participation can be life changing or deadly. We come from all walks of life, but what we all have in common is the desire to put it on the line for the experience of tasting life, while staying within our limits.

Being jumpers, we understand the requirements needed to succeed (equipment, knowledge, skill and good fortune). The passion we put into every piece of equipment comes from the heart. We know what is like to stand on the edge, and it is our pleasure to create the gear that will instill the confidence needed to allow you to perform at your utmost potential.

Our equipment is a direct result of proven principles. Simplicity is the cornerstone for all long lasting ideas. BASE jumping has benefited by all those that have walked the path before and the many who have sacrificed so much. What we have learned from our predecessors allows us to enjoy now what was formerly unimaginable. To them, we owe a debt of gratitude for their efforts and tireless dedication to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

BASE continues to progress and be enjoyed by a select few. Without proper respect for this amazing sport, it is virtually guaranteed that you will not succeed. The risks are great, but the rewards are even greater, for those who are willing to commit to a sensible approach.

Manufacturing gear is more that connecting the dots. For us, it is a passionate journey which brings us close to each jumper. With great care and consideration, we help manifest the spirit of BASE in the form of custom equipment. With this, our mission is to create not only the most functional, but the most confidence inspiring equipment that you will use.

BASE is a complex and vast activity which requires massive amounts of time and personal commitment to practice safely. To become proficient, you must be willing to give a significant amount of effort and maintain a high level of motivation. It is easy to let the excitement of the sport cause you to overlook key information that is vital to survival – you must be disciplined enough to slow down, and follow a responsible path.

Does it call you…? Actively recruiting new jumpers is not our goal. We want only to bring awareness to those who feel drawn to BASE jumping. If you know that BASE Jumping is for you and cannot ignore it any longer, then the acceptance of involvement is inevitable and regardless of your experience, it will change your life forever.

Asylum Designs offers:

  • Harness/Container Systems, Perigee Pro, Profile, Perigee II
  • Seven & Feather Parachutes
  • Toxic pilot-chutes
  • Accessories
  • Consulting
  • Mananaging Director - BASE Equipment Manufacturing at


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