Dual-Pin Closure

The Perigee II utilizes a special shrivel flap designed to enhance performance and security by minimizing the potential for premature openings.

CR pioneered the use of a unique shrivel flap that tucks into a special pocket in the top flap and Asylum Designs continues production today. This simple innovation has revolutionized both the look and the function of Velcro-closed BASE rigs.

  • The principal advantage of the tuck flap is that the shrivel flap is protected while climbing or manuevering in confined spaces. This greatly reduces the potential for a premature container opening prior to exit. After exit, the flap is protected from direct high-speed airflow which further enhances the rig's security in free fall, especially while tracking.
  • The Perigee II shrivel flap uses a reinforced tip that resides inside of a slot integrated into the top flap. The use of nylon stiffeners in both the top flap and the shrivel flap result in a clean and efficient design that stays closed when it must yet will still shrivel in the event of a head-down deployment.
  • To further ensure consistent Velcro separation, the shrivel bridle is not attached in the center but rather at the side. This encourages a better peeling action and allows the tip of the shrivel flap to twist out of the slot.