Side Flap

The Perigee II side flaps are designed to enhance performance and security while maintaining the simplicity a Velcro container must have.

Like all of the Perigee containers, the Perigee II is designed in three dimensions taking into account the curves of the body as well as the volume of the parachute. This yields not only a more comfortable rig but also minimizes the stresses placed on the Velcro when the harness is tightened.

  • Side flaps use 1.5" (3.8cm) Velcro along their full length. Since 1989 we have used a thin plastic stiffener behind the Velcro to allow a more efficient seperation. Now this plastic is trapped between the flap's outer Cordura TM layer and the inner Pack Cloth layer, creating a seamless appearance.
  • Top and bottom flaps use 1.0" (2.5cm) and 2.0" (5.0cm) Velcro respectively. The bottom flap Velcro has a convenient pocket to simplfy closure of the flap.

The Perigee II utilizes a "wrap-around" style side flap. The side flap is used to create the bottom corner of the rig. The advantage to this style is that the bottom corner no longer needs to be sewn as far up the side wall. When the side flaps open they allow the canopy to leave the container with less restriction than a conventional "boxed-corner". Not only does this approach increase security by effectively reinforcing the bottom flap's ability to support the parachute, it also helps to promote on-heading performance during head-down deployments. The issue of bridle routing when jumping stowed is also effectively solved without the use of additional Velcro.

Previously, the only draw back to this approach was a limitation on pilot chute placement. This issue has been addressed and the pilot chute pouch is now located adjacent to the edge of the container.