Harness Design

All of the Perigee harness & containers systems use a proprietary harness design. Our harnesses are made from a continuous length of Military Spec. Type VIII webbing (Mil.W-27265). This webbing is rated at 4000lbs. We double the webbing resulting in 8000lbs.

The leg strap bridges and chest strap all wrap around the main lift web. The beauty of this design is that the webbing itself takes the load not the stitches. Additionally, the lateral strap is angled where it intersects the main lift web making for an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Any of the Perigee containers can be ordered with an articulated lower harness. This design is exceptionally comfortable and is perfect if you prefer to climb with your rig on or do aerials.

The Perigee series of containers, using our harness design, is the only US made BASE rig to carry the certification of the German DFV (Deutscher Fallschirmsport Verband e. V.) making it legal for use in Germany.