First Jump Course Prerequisites/Details

All jumping related courses carry the following prerequisites:

  • 200 ram-air jumps minimum

    (occasionally exceptions are made - call if in doubt)

  • A high level of currency

  • An honest motivation

    This, the student and Asylum Designs will discover together during the completion of a questionnaire that forces the student to evaluate their motivations

  • Successful completion of the BASE Oriented Canopy Control Skills Exercises as outlined in the course literature

    This phase can be completed by the student prior to arrival or at one of the local skydiving centers

All courses include the use of rental equipment, ground support, and radios. Transportation to and from Asylum Designs as well as lodging, meals, etc are the student's responsibility. Instructor ratio is usually 1:1. It should be noted that, although students rarely fail to make at least one BASE jump with their instructor, the course provides for instruction only. Due to weather, legal concerns, and factors beyond our control, the physical execution of a BASE jump is not formally guaranteed in the scope of the course.