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Standard Pilot Chute

The pilot chute is arguably the most important component in a single parachute system. If it fails to work properly, the best parachute money can buy will be of no use. Selection of the proper sized pilot chute is equally important.

Too small and deployment could be dangerously long; too large and you risk damage to your gear and deployment problems.


* Zero porosity cloth
* Heavy-duty single center line with three attachment points.
* Load tapes on mesh and canopy.
* Bartack reinforcing throughout.
* Bias-loading construction.
* Large hole mesh for fast and consistent inflation.
* Double reinforced crown on 42" and 46".
* Internal handle on 38".
* External handle on 32".

We can install internal or external handles on any size pilot chute except 46". Hacky sacks and other alternate handles are available as well.

Pilot Chute Size (inches) Typical Freefall Delay (sec)
32"    7 - terminal
38"    4 - 7
42"    2 - 4
46"    0 - 2



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