Technical Documents

Mojo Line Replacement


Instructions for field replacement of Mojo lines.

Deep Brake Settings


Product User Guides



Instructions for BASE riser configuration

Differential Stowing


Using differential stowing to inhibit tail inversion

Direct Bag


Using the Asylum Designs direct bag



Use of the tailgate

Perigee Pro Closing


Closing instructions for the Perigee Pro

Perigee II Closing


Closing instructions for the Perigee II

Informative Publications

Control Drills


FJC canopy control drills



Ethics in a self-regulating group

Going Stowed


To stow or not to stow



Protective gear for BASE

CJAA Guidelines


Comprehensive reference for every jumper-CJAA

Ordering Information/Forms







Perigee Classic


Perigee II


Perigee Pro


Components / Accessories



Demo Canopy Agreement


Terms and Conditions for demo canopy use

Demo Canopy Application


Complete this and return to try a demo canopy

Demo Canopy Feedback


Form for providing feedback on your demo canopy experience

FJC Questionnaire


Asylum history

(Who is Asylum Designs.pdf)

Open letter describing transition from CR to Asylum Designs