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Monday, 27 June 2011 11:34, by Asylum

Jesse Hall coming in for a tip-toe landing on his Feather 260 BASE canopy. Congratulations to all the participants and especially to Jesse and Neil Amonson for the top finishes in the tracking contest. --photo Anders Lau Nielsen

Spring Flinging

Friday, 29 April 2011 11:59, by Asylum

Paul Floyd enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Suisse valley with a Seven 240 BASE canopy.  On leave from his normal duties, he and his mates enjoyed a much needed change of scenery, great weather and good times.

"Fantastic canopy mate, I have made 17 jumps on it and have the toggle position dialed in perfect now... had some fantastic openings and landings... its super sweet..."

Doctor in the House!

Saturday, 11 December 2010 14:18, by Mthead

2010 Year in Review  -Follow the antics and impressive flights of one of our local superstars.  Everything from low cliffs, dark spans, high walls, thin sticks and carving valley fly-bys. A perfect remedy for that rainy day ailment. Video from California, Utah, Hawaii, Nevada, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010 6:56, by Asylum

In partnership with Dominik Loyen -http://321base.eu, Asylum Designs presents the availability of slots for First Jump BASE instruction. This is an excellent opportunity to find the support and guidance needed to progress safely.  Don't miss out, Contact Dom asap to reserve your space!


www.321BASE.eu is the European BASE jumping school based in Empuriabrava, Spain and Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. 

........ We run 5-day comprehensive first jump courses (FJC) designed for the determined student to learn all aspects to enter the sport. We also conduct advanced courses (AJC) 
for progressing students to further their abilities to include BOC deployment, cliff jumping, tracking and wing-suit BASE preparation. We provide individual guidance and coaching specifically to new comers in the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland. 

........ It is our mission to educate, practice and test the motivated student in preparation 
for their first BASE jumps. To evaluate and further the progressing students skills and to instill an attitude of perfectionism, so to make sound decisions and prevent accidents.

The courses offered to the prospective student are designed to let the student experience a first BASE jump and progress to Hand held deployment within four jumps. Please be sure to meet the prerequisites below before signing up for a course. The comprehensive course is suitable for the determined student who knows before hand that BASE jumping is in his/her future. The advanced course builds on the comprehensive course and is designed to prepare the current BASE jumper to more advanced objects such as buildings and cliffs. Guidance and coaching is provided in the Swiss, Lauterbrunnen valley upon appointment. 

View the current and upcoming course schedule or send us an inquiry through our contact form on our website:

Feathers off the Eiger

Thursday, 16 September 2010 7:39, by Asylum

For Mr. Andy West, the Feather BASE parachute and Profile Harness/Container system, along with the Eiger prove to be a perfect combination of light weight BASE equipment, comfort, access and style of Wing-suit flight.  "Openings-all but perfect--steady and smooth and any adjustments seem possible by packing variations...in some ways the Feather has a paraglider like feel and allows for lower turns,SUPER IN DEEPER BRAKES!- maybe its strongest point.  It flairs out well no matter what. The whole set up has won me over.Thanks for giving me the chance to fly some GREAT gear..."

  Pictured here on final approach with the Eiger in the background, the Feather has been most productive and consistent, providing the confidence to dedicate another season to this unique jump.(photo:Barry Holubeck)

European FJC Course dates-- 321BASE.eu

Friday, 2 July 2010 5:16, by Asylum

Here are the course dates for the upcoming season:
June, July, August 2010: 

Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English   (by appointment)  
Contact Dominik at +34 678 88 0988 or ugojump@321BASE.eu

September, 2010:

6th to 10th: Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English/German   (4 places available) 
13th to 17th:  Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English/German   (4 places available) 
  20th to 26th: Advanced course Lauterbrunnen: Cliff BASE-jumping 3 to 5 days English/German(2 places available) 
Epic Flights Proximity Project  27th to 30th of Sept., 2010

October, 2010:

11th to 15th: Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English, German or French   (4 places available)  
18th to 22nd: Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English, German or French (4 places available)  

November, 2010:

1st to 5th: Comprehensive introduction to BASE-jumping 5 Day - English, German or French   (4 places available)  

The Great Book of BASE

Thursday, 24 June 2010 5:46, by Mthead

The Great Book of BASE is the most complete and informative book ever written about our amazing sport. BASE jumpers of all levels, skydivers, mountain sports athletes, armchair enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the sport of BASE jumping must own this book. Click this link to get your copy today!-- base-book.com

seven in action

Monday, 24 May 2010 13:42, by Asylum

The Seven BASE parachute on final approach after a fully satisfying wing suit flight.